Wood Cabinets

Luxurious, Affordable Wood Cabinets for SoCal

Wood Cabinets are a great addition to any space for many reasons: resale value, organizational uses, and aesthetic value. With this in mind, the custom wood cabinet services offered by SunPro Custom Cabinets are exactly what you need. Our wooden cabinetry services are top-shelf, and we guarantee our clients’ satisfaction 100%. In order for our clients to better understand wood cabinets and the services we offer, we’ve compiled information on cabinets and the processes that go into cabinet projects.

Wood Cabinets Made Easy

Although wood cabinets may seem self-explanatory, there are so many factors and choices to be made that sometimes it can confuse clients. To begin with, wood cabinets come in a variety of species, or type, of wood. There are dozens, but some of the most popular are cherry cabinets, maple cabinets, and Shenandoah cabinets. Then there is the grade of cabinets, which come in stock, semi-custom and custom. Stock cabinets are cabinets that just need to be put together and installed, and they don’t require much time and are usually simpler cabinets. Semi-Custom cabinets have certain parts that need to be custom made, and usually look much nicer and may be bigger than stock cabinets. Custom cabinets need to be completely made from raw materials and are the best option for clients who want a unique set of cabinets and the perfect look.

Styles, Colors, and Patterns

Now that our clients have chosen the type and grade of cabinet, they can choose the colors and tones they want. With our huge inventory, some cabinets come with standard colors that are very appealing, or clients can also choose custom colors that we can mix up on the spot. With our complimentary design service, our professional interior designers can help you choose amazing colors for any room, and some cabinets can even be patterned for that extra dazzling pop. Once the colors are chosen, the moulding for some cabinets can also be customized, making it a completely new layout unique to the client.

Consultation and Design, Free and Helpful

Like we mentioned earlier, our clients have exclusive access to our complimentary design services in which they are aided through the customization process by our team of in-house interior designer who help them every step of the way. When the choices are made, our designers whip up the plans in as little as a day and send them to you for final verification. Your assigned reviewer will walk you through the entire plan, to make sure all of your choices are finalized, and can also change any colors or modifications made.

Wood Cabinets for Everyone

With our huge inventory, expert designers and helpful cabinet technicians, the only thing left is the price. With our complete wood cabinet service suite and expansive network of providers and suppliers, the savings we acquire are passed on to you, making these cabinets affordable to any budget and any space. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, SunPro is here for you. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured so that your cabinets will end up perfect. Contact our office staff today by calling us at (number) to get started on your cabinet project today. Or, email us a request by clicking on this link to arrange a free design and consultation. With SunPro Custom Cabinets, you’ll be glad you chose us for all of your wood cabinet needs.

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