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Need A Little Help To Organize Your Office Space?

Home office storage space is a precious commodity, especially to those who work from home, and no one understands that better than SunPro Custom Cabinets. We’re a cabinet contracting company that’s been serving all cabinet needs for the Greater Los Angeles area, along with San Diego, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Orange County. Not only are we fully licensed, bonded and insured, we also guarantee our clients’ satisfaction 100%.


The Perfect Cabinets for Any Home Office

We offer a wide range of home office cabinet services to clients with home office needs, such as home office cabinet installations, home office cabinet refinishing, home office cabinet repair, and many other specialized, custom services. Each service is made to help with a different aspect of home office cabinets, whether it’s working with new or old cabinets. Built-in home office cabinets are completely serviceable in almost any condition, and we can ensure you receive the best cabinets for your money.


Custom Home Office Cabinets

Every client and their needs are different, which is why we have a huge selection of cabinet types, colors, species, patterns, and grades. We offer classic hardwoods like pecan, maple, and cherry, along with alternative, durable materials like Aluminum or Laminate that can give longer life or a different look. We also offer different grades of cabinets:

Stock: Stock cabinets are pre-fabricated and come directly from the manufacturer, ready to be assembled and installed right away, with no customization necessary. These cabinets come in a variety of colors and styles that are pre-chosen.

Semi-Custom: These cabinets are halfway between stock and custom, and they offer a balance between customization and standard colors and styles. They are partially made, and part of them have to be made on-site, in the style that the client chooses, whether it’s an original design or one from the manufacturer.

Custom: Custom cabinets are some of the most popular cabinet grades for client that want to be able to choose every aspect of every part of their cabinets, from color to the look of the moulding around it. These cabinets can be completely customized, and they are based on original designs.


Help Along Every Step of The Way

Since Home Offices vary from client to client, we assign a team of designers and reviewers to assist clients with every facet of their cabinet project, from start to finish. They will walk you through the entire plan once it is drawn up, usually in a day or less. Once you have the plan, our plan reviewer will discuss all of it down to the smallest detail, and if you’d like to change anything, they’re there to finalize any last-minute changes. This Complimentary Design Service is the perfect package along with any custom home office cabinets.


Professional and Affordable

If your home office could use some custom cabinets, or if the ones you have need some work done, then feel free to contact us today and get started on your next cabinet project. Our office staff is ready to speak with you and answer any questions you may have at (number), and they can also set up a free design consultation and estimate with no strings attached. Or, send us an email request for an appointment by clicking on this link, and we’ll get back to you at your earliest convenience. SunPro Custom Cabinets has your back for all of your Home Office Cabinet needs.

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