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Here at SunPro Customs Cabinets, we understand that kitchens, garages and other spacious rooms need a great-looking and fashionable way to organize various items, but in a way that won’t turn out your wallet. That’s why the cabinetry experts at SunPro have been honing their craft for over 22 years, bringing our valued clients Custom made and beautiful cabinets that are not only practical and ergonomic, but also incredibly affordable. With our BBB accreditation and glowing client reviews, we strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and guarantee their satisfaction every step of the way.  While some people may think that custom made cabinets are too expensive and unaffordable, we’re here to tell you custom made cabinets are much more affordable than you think.

We work with our clients’ budget constraints to bring them the most exorbitant, yet practical cabinets possible. With our expansive network of suppliers and vendors, we can offer our clientele the lowest rate for cabinet raw materials and finished products, passing incredible savings on to them. Our cabinet technicians are also experts in their field, and with the small amount of waste produced in making your cabinets, they not only reduce costs, but also the time it takes to make them. With SunPro Custom Cabinets, you receive only the best for the lowest price.

I’m blown away by their expertise and knowledge on painting and construction work.  I cannot complain and i’m loving the new fresh paint look!  I highly recommend this company and they earned my business for life.

— Frank P. —

We are Sunpro

Cabinets For Life: The Best Services at The Best Prices

We offer hundreds of different designs and styles of cabinets to our clients that include several species of wood like cherry, pecan and birch, and dozens of various colors and tones that range from earthy to radiant to match any room style. It takes all kinds to be a trusted contractor, and we have them all.  Our list of cabinet types includes the four basic standards: Base, Wall, Tall and Special Types.

  • Base Cabinets are the smallest of the four and are for spaces that don’t need too many of them.
  • Wall Cabinets line about 1/3 of the total wall space, providing more room and more shelving, usually.
  • Tall Cabinets take up more than half of wall space, finding a balance between space and usage.
  • Specialty Cabinets are custom made & maximize organizational space with prime shelving, space usage, and special features.

In addition to these 4 types, our selection of cabinets comes in 2 grades: stock/production, and custom/semi-custom. Stock and production cabinets come mostly made the way they are to be installed, and simply require proper placement, with very little to no customization required. On the other hand, semi-custom and custom cabinets require a high amount of crafting and hand-working in order to be installed, and range from moderate machining for semi-custom, all the way to heavy customizing with completely custom cabinets.

Exclusive Cabinetry Process

Consultation & Design

We meet with our clients on-site and consult with them for their vision of what they want their cabinets to be.

Once our clients have selected their choice of look and wood, our interior designers will draw up the plans to superb cabinets that will amaze anyone that look at them based on our clients’ needs and space availability. Once the plans are approved by the client, the process can continue.

Customization & Installation

The cabinets are hand-crafted by our finest carpenters and are made to the specifications that our designers and clients agreed upon.

We make all of our cabinets on-site and then install them according to all proper codes and regulations, making sure that they are held on safely and securely so that you won’t have to worry about any potential accidents with shoddy workmanship.

Finishing & Inspection

When the cabinets are completely installed, they are inspected and any finishing touches are added.

We then guide you through all of the cabinets to make sure they are up to our standard of excellence and your utmost satisfaction. All cabinets and products have our 100% guarantee.


Although the majority of our clientele is based in the residential sector, we actually serve the commercial sector, too, both private and public. Our list of prior clients includes individuals and their homes, all the way to multi-story commercial complexes that spanned several thousand feet. We’ve even worked with other contractors on major projects for governmental purposes. Not only do we have basic models of cabinets for light use, we also carry industrial-grade models that can withstand years and years of heavy usage and a large amount of weight.

Whatever the size and scope of the project for cabinets, we can do it.

SunPro Is the Flooring Contractor For You

With all of these great products and services at your disposal, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with the results. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for contracting work in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Santa Barbara and all of Orange County, so you can safely choose us as your main cabinet contractor. If you want an appointment or consultation, please feel free to contact us by calling (insert number) and speaking to our office staff. Our project scheduler is very knowledgeable and willing to work around your timetable, and can arrange an estimate with our Project Manager for you, free of charge and obligation. Or, send us an email by clicking on this link and requesting a callback at your convenience. For all of your Cabinet needs, make sure you come to SunPro Custom Cabinets.

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